Monday, September 20, 2010

Creating Natural Looks Balcony

It really fit her balcony to a house in the tropics. The dominance of thick wood makes the balcony with a touch of natural.The balcony should not be perfunctory. Outdoor spaces part this one is also worth dressed. Besides making the house look even more beautiful, make you more comfortable spending time there. Want examples?

This balcony was home Wirianto, in Bekasi. Wood bangkirai become the main element in the balcony area is 24.375 m2. Flooring, beams, and roof, did not escape the touch of this wood. For floors, wood with a pattern of lines is selected, any aesthetic appearance.

Floor prepared with transverse and longitudinal patterns, so it does not look plain. The composition as well as sniper interrogate expansion and contraction of wood, due to changes in weather. Also gives a beautiful color gradation.

Roof structure was also wearing a wooden balcony bangkirai. In closing it, use polycarbonate sheet. These transparent sheets, at noon, continuing sunlight, thus forming a beautiful shadow. In addition, polycarbonate roof make the display lighter.

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